Utilized in the initial stage of glass processing, a Stirrer-Blender mixes or blends colour in molten glass before entering the forming stage.

A Stirrer handles the blending of colorant, while Blender ensures proper consistency.

Forehearth Colorant Stirring Mechanisms are found around the world as one of the leading pieces of Glass industry equipment.


·        Economical and versatile

·        Work between the furnace and forming machine

·        Designed to suit forehearth size and glass pull requirements

·        Barlow ‘Colorant Stirring Mechanism’  supplied with 1 to 6 banks

         of 1 to 6 stirrers

·        Mechanism supported by rigged frames with pullout heads for

         easier maintenance

·        Internal air cooled bearing housings with protective heat shields

·        Alloy steel shafts and 3 piece cast stainless steel chucks

·        Control panel, motors, and inverters sized to suit

         number of spindles

·        Designed and built to function in extreme operating environments

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